2015 AAUP In the News

03.03.2015 | Matching More With Less

“They want universities to do all this research because they believe it helps drive economic development, but on the other hand, they think faculty should spend 100 percent of their time teaching students,” said Fichtenbaum. “You can’t have it both ways, especially at a major research institution where research is probably as much a part of the mission as teaching students.”

03.03.2015 | 'De-Tenure' Do-Over

Hank Reichman, AAUP first vice president and chair of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure,  calls this troubling because it at least appears that it will be led by the administration and is motivated by saving costs.

03.03.2015 | Response to Harker OpEd by University of Delaware Chapter of the AAUP

Following the publication of President Harker’s OpEd in the Philadelphia Inquirer, faculty members across campus were justifiably offended by its characterization of higher education in general, and, specifically, the faculty, students, and of the University of Delaware.

03.02.2015 | Academic Freedom: Scholarly Concept Sparks Lively Mainstream Debate

"The AAUP, commonly regarded as the definer and keeper of academic freedom, is involved in multiple cases." Anita Levy discusses some of these.

03.02.2015 | Term Bill to Increase by Roughly 4 Percent

Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP and professor of economics at Wright State University, said these kinds of tuition increases are only sustainable “as long as the top one percent keep having kids,” but that a lack of socioeconomic diversity among the study body would ultimately change the character of an institution.

02.27.2015 | The Crisis is Real

"Most importantly, faculty must view their struggle to save American higher education as part of a broader movement to fight the neoliberal agenda, building alliances with others who support social justice, and winning the support of students, parents, political leaders and others in their communities by explaining the importance of higher education as a public good," warns Rudy Fichtenbaum, AAUP president

02.26.2015 | Day of Protest

Many campuses with AAUP-affiliated unions and advocacy chapters held awareness events highlighting AAUP’s One Faculty campaign in support of all faculty. Also, read about slightly different rallies in  "CSU Professors Rally for Adjunct Faculty" and "BC Adjuncts to Remain in Class on National Adjunct Walkout Day."

02.25.2015 | National Group Joins Chorus Opposed to Closing UNC’s Poverty Center

"'When something awful happens, we don’t wait for an invitation,' Kurland said of the group. 'We’re like a first responder or a fire department.'”