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General Contact Information

Phone (202) 737-5900
Fax (202) 737-5526

Ground mail
American Association of University Professors
1133 Nineteenth St., NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC  20036

If you don't know how to direct your message, send it to our general mailbox and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

For questions about membership or help joining:

If you have an academic freedom, tenure, due process, or governance problem on your campus: But before you write, please see our Resources on Academic Freedom.

For general legal information, contact (Please note that the AAUP legal office is counsel to the organization and cannot provide legal representation to individual faculty members). For attorney referrals, please contact

To contact Academe, the AAUP magazine:

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Advertising information: Kelsey Ohle.

If you're interested in organizing an AAUP chapter:

If you are a reporter who needs information:

If you have a question about this website or would like to report a problem: Please note: If you are a participant in the faculty compensation survey and have a question or a web-related problem:

The AAUP receives hundreds of inquiries on work-related issues.  We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answer there, please also consult our issues section.

If you are a participant in the faculty compensation survey and have a question: For research inquiries not related to the compensation survey:

A number of AAUP chapters and state conferences employ staff. These field staff have formed the Field Staff Association, which meets at the June Annual Meeting. Learn more about the Field Staff Association and for resources for field staff.

Social Media
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Staff Directory

Except as noted, all telephone extensions can be reached by first dialing (202) 737-5900.

Office of the Executive Director

Julie Schmid, Executive Director
Executive Assistant, ext. 3644

Legal Department

Aaron Nisenson, Senior Counsel
Nancy Long, Associate Counsel
Department E-mail:

Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, & Governance

Gregory Scholtz, Director
Anita Levy, Senior Program Officer
Hans-Joerg Tiede, Senior Program Officer
Donna Banks, Administrative Assistant, ext. 3624

Department of External Relations

Gwendolyn Bradley, Director
Michael Ferguson, Managing Editor, Academe, ext. 3642
Laura Markwardt, Media and Communications Strategist, ext. 3635
Kelly Hand, Communications Assistant, ext. 3648

Department of Organizing

Kira Schuman, Midwest Lead Organizer, (631) 258-2028
Jason Elias, Western Regional Coordinator, (213) 300-8922  
Joshua Guy Lenes, Organizer, ext. 3638 
Alexis Pearlstein, Administrative Assistant, ext. 3655

Department of Chapter and Conference Services

For membership-related questions, please e-mail

For the AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey or other FCS related questions, please e-mail

Christopher Simeone, Director, ext. 3652
Mike Mauer, Senior Labor Advisor, ext. 3650
Jamie Owen Daniel, Field Service Representative, (646) 872-8129
Rebecca Lewis, Assistant Director of Membership Accounting, ext. 3659
John Barnshaw, Senior Higher Education Researcher, ext. 3627
Samuel L Dunietz, Research and Policy Analyst, ext. 3640
Catherine Everitt, Membership Services Associate. ext. 3641
Brikti Abraha, Membership Services Associate, ext.  3632
Carl Snyder, Membership Services Associate, ext. 3643

Department of Finance and Administration

Lynn Quinn, Chief Financial Officer
Carlton Briscoe, Controller, ext. 3634
Lawrence Waldron, Accounts Payable/Payroll Associate, ext. 3656
Wilhelm Davidson, Office Coordinator/Purchasing Agent, ext. 3637
Debra Hanible, Receptionist, ext. 0