2015 AAUP In the News

08.06.2013 | Faculty Aren't Cause of Tuition Increases

President of the AAUP Ohio Conference John McNay explains what is the cause and concludes,"The cause of higher tuition costs is multi-faceted. The solution must be multifaceted, as well."

08.02.2013 | Texas Community College Fires Tenured Faculty Activist

Ann McGlashan, president of  the Texas state AAUP conference, told The Chronicle that "it is disturbing when a good and popular professor is terminated, not by his faculty peers passing judgment on his competency, but by a board of officials using the language of 'insubordination.' The ideas of 'academic freedom' and 'due process' may be uncomfortable for some, but they are the bedrock principles of our greatest institutions of higher education." Read the AAUP's letter to the admi

07.24.2013 | Rutgers Sticking it to Students... Again

According to a statement by the Rutgers AAUP-AFT chapter, increasing "tuition by 3.5 percent and fees by another 2.5 percent adds insult to injury for our students already struggling with mounting student debt and our faculty and staff struggling to maintain a decent standard of living."

07.20.2013 | SLU Criticized for Reduced Faculty Raises

"Citing AAUP policy statements on freedom of expression, Kreiser said that it is 'essential that faculty members have the academic freedom to express their professional opinions without fear of reprisal.'”  Read the rest of the article and the AAUP's letter to learn more.

07.16.2013 | Shortchanging Teachers -- and Students -- at Community Colleges

"The 4,000 adjunct faculty teaching in Colorado's community colleges are 70 percent of the total faculty. We teach 85 percent of all classes offered, while earning wages below poverty level, and working without health care, sick leave and opportunities for advancement," Front Range Community College AAUP Chapter president Caprice Lawless tells readers.

07.13.2013 | CCSF Accreditation Revoked, DVC Next?

"The AAUP is the most respected body of educators in the U.S. (possibly the world!)." Read about what the AAUP is doing about the CCSF situation and how it could impact elsewhere.

07.13.2013 | Rutgers Students, Faculty Protest Proposed Tuition Hike

“Faculty and staff salaries do not account for any proposed tuition and fee hikes,” the Rutgers chapter of the AAUP-AFT said. Also watch the video.

07.13.2013 | Weygand’s Windfall

"The average faculty salary at URI is $83,456, according to Frank Annunziato, executive director of the URI/AAUP," states this editorial as contrast to "Weygand's windfall."