2016 AAUP In the News

12.03.2014 | National College Faculty Organization to Investigate USM Cuts

"You never know. We’ve had administrations vow they will not talk to us, that we have no standing and we don’t represent the faculty. But those same administrations, when the faculty (panel) visits, do want to sit down and tell their story because they recognize that we represent the gold standard for academic standards in the United States.”

12.03.2014 | Washington U. Adjuncts Begin Voting On Union Next Week

Nationwide, the number of adjunct faculty members has risen in recent years as the number of tenured professors has dipped. The American Association of University Professors has called the result a “multi-tier academic labor structure” and “an inequity that cannot be allowed to stand.”

12.01.2014 | Poorest States Cut What Experts Say Could Help the Most: Higher Ed

"The cuts are raising other contentious and disruptive issues. The AAUP said the layoffs of 50 faculty at the University of Southern Maine violate the longstanding traditions of tenure and shared governance on the basis of a budget shortfall some economics faculty dispute."

11.10.2014 | Students Nationwide Protest Corporate Influence on Universities

"You know, it amounts to the Koch brothers' foundation basically trying to buy a position on the faculty. And that certainly is a threat to academic freedom," Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP, told NPR.

11.05.2014 | National Conversation On Adjunct Professors, Part-Time Faculty Continues

“It is about fair treatment and respect, so that they can teach their courses and help their students,” Susan Michalczyk, AAUP second vice-president, said. “Benefits, salary, knowing one has a job, are all serious concerns.”

11.04.2014 | Forget Sports, Focus on Academics

According to an April report by the AAUP, education does not seem to be the number-one priority of many universities. The AAUP report shows that spending for athletics at four-year public universities increased from 2004 to 2011 by approximately 24.8 percent. Meanwhile, spending on academic support remained stagnant, and research expenditures actually decreased.

10.30.2014 | The Syllabus: Digging into UNCG's budget

AAUP-CBC Chair Howard Bunsis examines the University of North Carolina-Greensboro's budget in detail. Read the story and download the .pdf to see the entire presentation.

10.29.2014 | Online Ed Skepticism and Self-Sufficiency: Survey of Faculty Views on Technology

"It is quite telling -- really quite a condemnation of the industry -- that 96 percent of faculty believe that if an institution is going to offer online courses, the faculty at that institution should develop the curriculum, and only 4 percent think it should be outsourced," said Craig R. Vasey, chair of the AAUP's Committee on Teaching, Research and Publication.