Investigation at LSU

The AAUP's general secretary has authorized an investigation into alleged violations of academic freedom, tenure, and due process at Louisiana State University. 

Investigation in Louisiana

The past five years have witnessed the publication of three major reports on Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure investigations of Louisiana cases. The first of these, Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Universities, was an investigation of apparent violations of principles of academic freedom and tenure at five of the city’s universities. The administrations of four of the universities were placed on censure by the AAUP’s 2007 annual meeting. The first was removed by the annual meeting in 2008, the second in 2009, and the final two in 2011.

Investigating Committee to Visit Louisiana

The committee will look into discontinuance of academic programs within the University of Louisiana system and potential terminations of tenured appointments. 

Academic Freedom and Tenure: Alaska Pacific University

Report discussing the issues of financial exigency, due process, relocation, and program discontinuance at Alaska Pacific University

Academic Freedom and Tenure: Bennington College

Report dealing with a declaration of financial exigency as justification for terminating the appointments of presumptively tenured faculty.

Academic Freedom and Tenure: Yeshiva University

Report regarding the administration of Yeshiva University's termination of  the appointments of three faculty members, and suspended them from further teaching responsibilities without having afforded them the safeguards of academic due process.

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