Committee W on Women in the Academic Profession

Recommended Procedures for Increasing the Number of Minority Persons and Women on College and University Faculty

Report reaffirming the Association’s support for affirmative action, and recommending ways to implement  it to ensure its  effectiveness and consonance with AAUP principles.

Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work

Statement addressing some of the current issues facing faculty members as they seek to integrate family obligations and academic work.  It recommends principles and guidelines for formulating appropriate policies and practices regarding family leaves, modified teaching schedules, "stopping the tenure clock," and institutional assistance for family responsibilities.


Access to Faculty Personnel Files

Report discussing access by faculty members to their own personnel files and to the files of colleagues.

Senior Appointments with Reduced Loads

Report recommending that colleges and universities “consider creating a class of regular part-time faculty members, consisting of individuals who, as their professional career, share the teaching, research, and administrative duties customary for faculty at their institution, but who for whatever reason do so less than full time.”

Consensual Relations between Faculty and Students

Statement discussing professional expectations and responsibilities with respect to consensual sexual relationships between professor and student.

Faculty Appointment and Family Relationship

Statement urging the discontinuance of anti-nepotism policies and practices, and the rescinding of laws and institutional regulations that perpetuate them.

Faculty Child Care

Statement arguing that in order for faculty members with child-rearing responsibilities to participate successfully in teaching, research, and service to their institution, they must have access to quality child-care facilities. Universities and colleges should assume a share of the responsibility for the provision of such services to their faculties.

Affitmative Action Plans: Recommended Procedures for Increasing the Number of Minority Persons and Women on College and University Faculty 

Report concerning equal opportunity and the use affirmative action plans. These affirmative-action plans should include a wide range of lawful and academically sound corrective policies and procedures employed to overcome the effects of past or present barriers to equal employment opportunity.

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