Collective Bargaining

Emerson College Part-Time Faculty Union Achieves ‘Fair Share’

This provision will provide the resources necessary for the AFEC-AAUP chapter to more effectively represent part-time faculty and enforce their contract. 

AAUP Union Chapter Wins “Fair Share”

The Emerson College AAUP chapter, which represents the part-time faculty in collective bargaining, scored a decisive victory in the fall when it announced that it had met the deadline to achieve the 58 percent membership required to trigger the fair-share provision of its latest contract. The chapter, called the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College, achieved 66.5 percent membership among nearly 220 part-time faculty members— almost 10 percent more than necessary to activate fair share.

Academic Professionals To Conduct Survey

At a recent meeting of the AAUP’s Committee on Academic Professionals, Vijay Nair, president of the AAUP’s Connecticut State University chapter, related a story from early in his career: Nair, who had left New York for a librarian position in a midwestern university, was taken to lunch by his new supervisor and told that “you don’t have any rights here.” It wasn’t long before Nair returned east, to Connecticut, where he enjoyed the benefit of having rights bargained collectively by his AAUP chapter.

Decision Shows Why Arbitration is Important

AAUP chapter prevails on wages because arbitration process allowed the facts to come out.

New Faculty Union in Illinois

University of Illinois Chicago becomes the first large public research university to unionize in Illinois history

New Union Responds to Challenges

10/24/11 Update: The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board on Friday rejected a request from the University of Illinois at Chicago administration to stay an order certifying the faculty union. 

"We Are Ohio” Gathers Record Number of Signatures

7/22 Update: Yesterday, the Ohio Secretary of State announced that the repeal of SB 5 will be on the ballot in November. More than 900,000 signatures were validated from all 88 counties.

Angry Badgers

The protests in Wisconsin have helped revive an old Progressive state of being: "badgerness" has been reinvented for the twenty-first century.

Learning from Wisconsin

It's time to discard the pernicious hierarchical structures that prevent faculty members from seeing themselves as part of a campus community of workers.


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