2015 AAUP In the News

09.25.2013 | Too Quick to Suspend?

The AAUP's Greg Scholtz discusses academic freedom and how to determine what is suspension-worthy speech.

09.24.2013 | Non-Tenure-Track Faculty at Wright State Win Degree of Job Security

According to the new contract, after six years at the university, non-tenure-eligible faculty members who are part of the bargaining unit will have a "continuing appointment with no identified date of termination."

09.24.2013 | This Job Can Kill You. Literally.

"We need to support organizations fighting for adjunct rights — such [as] the AAUP. We need to stop exploiting adjuncts. It’s killing them. And it isn’t good for the rest of us, either."  Philip Nel

09.20.2013 | UO Union Cheers Labor Deal as Protecting Faculty Rights

For more information about United Academics' tentative contract agreement with the University of Oregon administration, read this article by Peter Schmidt.

09.19.2013 | Fracking Research: Playing with Fire?

In writing about agreements with corporations, past president Cary Nelson writes the universities must "maintain the standards of independent research and sustain their own honour. That is the only viable option."

09.19.2013 | Penn State Backs Down

AAUP PSU chapter president Brian Curran says, "the administration has finally begun listening to the concerns expressed by these dedicated employees.... We hope that is the beginning of a new era of transparency and shared governance at Penn State."

09.18.2013 | PUC Reverses Course on Faculty Layoffs

President of the newly formed AAUP chapter, David Nalbone says, "We’re still concerned about the process and especially making sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

09.12.2013 | Obama’s Rankings Won’t Solve Crisis in US Academy

"More government cash is the only way to cut student costs, argue Rudy Fichtenbaum and Hank Reichman." THE