2015 AAUP In the News

03.28.2014 | Tenure Under Fire, Law Professors Fight Back

The AAUP's general counsel Theresa Chmara said that law professors are asked to "speak out about issues that engender heated debate, and to lend their expertise to unpopular causes. They must have the freedom to teach, research, and practice law without fear of reprisal."

03.26.2014 | Speak up Now to Help Adjunct Professors, Community College System

Front Range Community College AAUP Chapter president Caprice Lawless breaks down how student tuition  and FRCC/CCCS revenues are spent and offers a suggestion for action.

03.24.2014 | Solidarity to Carry us Forward

Jose Padin, a member and organizer of the the Portland State AAUP chapter, talked to the Socialist Worker about the issues in the contract battle--and how the union has prepared itself and the campus community for a strike.

03.21.2014 | Retaliation Claim Vindicated

The AAUP filed an amicus brief in this Garcetti-related case.

03.20.2014 | Try Harder: Obama’s Report Cards do not Convince

Among those commenting was Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP, who said, “The creation of so-called report cards…will result in a race to the bottom, driving public universities and non-elite private universities to standardize their curricula to ensure they get a passing grade.”

03.20.2014 | Trustees Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement with AAUP

A collective bargaining agreement between the University of Cincinnati and its largest faculty union cleared the last hurdle needed for approval Thursday with the board of trustees’ unanimous approval of the working contract.

03.19.2014 | Ready for a Strike at PSU

Every two years, the AAUP chapter renegotiates their biennial contract with the administration. Negotiation for this biennium began April 24, 2013. Read this story to learn what lead faculty to overwhelmingly approve a strike vote.

03.18.2014 | ABA Panel Would Keep Tenure as Accreditation Requirement

The AAUP, which has opposed the proposed rule change eliminating tenure as a requirement for law school accreditation, issued a statement Monday praising the ABA panel for keeping tenure as a requirement.