2014 News

01.13.2013 | We Need a 'Right-to-Live' Law to Balance Right to Work

AAUP member Brent Graves examines the parallels between between union representation and state government.

01.11.2013 | AAUP Releases Revised Statement on Faculty Status of College Librarians

Read about the AAUP's newest statement, Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University Librarians.

01.07.2013 | Least Stressful Job? Really?

Saranna Thornton, an economics professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and chair of the American Association of University Professors' Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession, said that she found CareerCast's analysis "sophomoric at best."

01.03.2013 | Not Taking Time Off

Ann Green, chair of the AAUPs' Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession, discusses trying to balance work and caring for a family member.

01.01.2013 | AAUP Says Northern Iowa Used Dishonesty and Duress to Shed Professors

The American Association of University Professors has accused the University of Northern Iowa of unduly pressuring professors to resign as part of a controversial cost-cutting effort.

12.29.2012 | Direct Funding Toward Faculty, not Bureaucracy

"The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) wrote to Gov. Kasich during the closed-door process asking that faculty be involved in the discussions and received no response, and there was no involvement."

12.17.2012 | Wayne State Faculty Gives OK to Union Leadership to Call Strike if Necessary

" A strike authorization is not a strike," clarifies AAUP's Charles Parrish. "It's a notification to the other side that things are very serious."

12.13.2012 | Mum's Not the Word

Joerg Tiede of the AAUP’s Committee on College and University Governance discusses the AAUP's new report on confidentiality with Inside Higher Ed.