2016 AAUP In the News

08.07.2015 | Chancellor’s Surprise Resignation May Not Quell Controversy at Illinois

Henry F. Reichman, chairman of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, said that Illinois should work to improve its policies and procedures to ensure that another professor’s rights cannot be violated in the way the group says Mr. Salaita’s were. "Should a new administration do so," said Mr. Reichman, "the AAUP stands ready to work with that administration to facilitate UIUC’s removal from the censure list and strengthen its commitment to the principles of academic freedom."

08.06.2015 | College Presidents Rake in Big Perks on Top of High Salaries

“Increasingly you hear spokespeople or chairs of boards of regents saying, ‘This is what we need to pay to get good people,’” Saranna Thornton, an economics and business professor at Hampden-Sydney College and former chair of  the AAUP’s Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession said. “Nobody’s backing that up with any data.”

08.05.2015 | Contingent Faculty: Where Money Might Go in Higher Education

"He adds that George Mason has a responsibility to ensure that higher education is affordable, and that’s increasingly difficult according to John Barnshaw with the AAUP. 'For public institutions, it really gets back to total state appropriations -- that when we saw the financial crisis hit, many institutions and many states had to cut their total state appropriations.  Most of them have not restored those, and in Virginia they're down about 11% over the last five years.'”

08.05.2015 | Time for an African Charter on Academic Freedom

"For this reason, it is perhaps now time for academics across Africa to start to consider drafting an African version of a Magna Charta Libertatis Academicae — similar to the AAUP's statement on academic freedom, described as constituting a professional ‘common’ or customary law of academic freedom and tenure."

08.04.2015 | Walker's Toxic Policy Puts Academic Independence in Jeopardy

In his op-ed citing AAUP policy, AAUP member David Vanness warns, "If Walker's dismal record on Wisconsin's economic well-being relative to its peers is any indicator of the future impact of his policies for the UW system, we in Wisconsin have great reason to be concerned. With his recently announced candidacy to become president, perhaps we all should be concerned."

07.16.2015 | State Budget Leaves Future of Tenure Uncertain

In addition to no longer having tenure defined by state statutes, in 2014-’15, UW-Madison ranked lowest among 11 “peer schools” in terms of average salaries paid to full professors, falling 11 percent behind the median salary of those schools, according to an AAUP report.

07.15.2015 | At Wash. U. and Webster, a Fight to Unionize Adjunct Professors

Even as administrators' salaries have grown exponentially, so too has the percentage of college-level instructors who are part-time adjuncts. In 1975, 43 percent of U.S. college instructors were adjuncts or contingent workers, according to the AAUP. By 2011, that figure had climbed to 70 percent.

07.10.2015 | AAUP Backs Fired LSU Professor

“Maybe to a few people it’s unsettling, but we have a case where the worst things she is accused of doing are, at regular, secular universities, run-of-the-mill stuff these days,” said Jordan E. Kurland, the AAUP’s associate general secretary. “Nobody would bat an eye.”