2015 AAUP In the News

10.23.2014 | AAUP Comes to SHU

The addition of an AAUP chapter to Seton Hall’s campus will allow for the promotion of the “values of academic freedom on our campus, including full freedom for professors in research and publication, freedom in the classroom to discuss their subject, along with respect for the opinion of others,” said the new chapter's president Roseanne Mirabella.

10.23.2014 | Freedom to Comply

This op/ed about the importance of academic freedom cites the 1940 Statement.  "The fact remains that academic freedom is an inherent right of academia. In 1940, the AAUP released a Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, stating 'Academic freedom is essential to these purposes and applies to both teaching and research.'"

10.16.2014 | Tenure: A Path to Academic Freedom

Longtime AAUP member Jacqueline  Wilkie  explains the importance of this process for the institution, individual faculty, and the students themselves.

10.16.2014 | Our Collective Conscience, Under Attack

In this op/ed, a Valdosta State University student warns,"For when you violate academic freedom, you are also violating the public’s trust in the integrity of scholarship and our commitment to the betterment of humanity. And that should never be taken lightly."

10.15.2014 | Stomp Adjunct Faculty Takes on Ddministration at SFCC Over Wages, Benefits

The AAUP's Miranda Merklein and Jason Elias discuss the exploitation of contingent faculty and what they're doing about it.

10.15.2014 | Response to ‘Matching the Market’

AAUP member Eva von Dassow writes, "Bear in mind that faculty jobs encompass much more than teaching: Research, governance and service to our disciplines and our communities, as well as our institution, are some of the major categories of faculty work beyond the classroom. Nevertheless, lining up what instructors earn with what you learn from them should suffice to disabuse readers of any notion that people’s worth is properly measured by what they’re paid."

10.13.2014 | A New Metric

“My view on all of this is that it is an exercise not worth undertaking,” said Howard Bunsis, chair the AAUP-CBC. He said the numbers would be used to not hire full-time faculty, hire more part-time faculty and increase class sizes. In an email, Bunsis called the work a way to go about “gutting the heart of our universities.”

10.13.2014 | How UNL’s Sexual Assault Policies Stack up to National Guidelines

In 2012, the AAUP published 12 guidelines for sexual assault policies and procedures. They mostly focus on disseminating information to not only the entire student body, but to everyone who’s associated with the university and spends large amounts of time on campus. The Daily Nebraskan examined each guideline and compared it to UNL policies and procedures.