2015 AAUP In the News

05.13.2014 | IMF's Lagarde Won't Speak at Smith, Part of a Growing List

Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP, defended the rights of students and faculty to protest, petition and otherwise make their voices heard, saying, "There's a long history of protests in the United States; that's what we were founded on, and I think student protests are partially an introduction to democracy."

05.06.2014 | Campuses Alter Sex Crime Responses

""The stark fact is that alleged attackers almost uniformly go unpunished, and many victims of sexual assault believe that no reporting or disciplinary process will produce justice,' according to a blunt 2012 report by the AAUP."

05.05.2014 | Church and Tenure

The AAUP, which filed briefs on behalf of the two professors, praised the rulings. It said that the court had affirmed the idea "at the heart of the case" -- that a court could apply "neutral principles of law" to evaluate the contractual claims in a way that would not "intrude on matters of church doctrine."

04.29.2014 | Class Warfare

"And yet, adjuncts now make up the largest chunk of the university-level teaching force in America—an impressive 41 percent, according to the most recent report from the AAUP. Although they are critically important to the country’s educational system, adjuncts are widely treated as disposable employees who aren’t entitled to basic job protections or support."

04.28.2014 | Texas A&M System team gives few details about candidates for president

Hans-Joerg Tiede, who serves on the AAUP committee on governance, said searches work best when faculty elect their own representatives to the search committee and warned against confidentiality agreements, such as the ones the search committee members were required to sign.

04.25.2014 | Investigating Gender Pay Discrepancy at Princeton

Citing the AAUP's salary survey, this editorial says, "While the discrepancy at Princeton may not be the result of intentional discrimination, the Board believes that the University should investigate the source of this difference and ensure that equal pay is given in return for equal work."

04.24.2014 | Brandishing Budget Power, State Lawmakers Pressure Public Universities

“It creates a chilling environment to the idea of academic freedom to think that any time a faculty member is putting a course together that their reading materials might be scrutinized by legislators,” the AAUP's director of research John Curtis said. Also, this story ran in USA Today.

04.23.2014 | College Sports' Costs too High

Saranna Thornton, author of this op-ed,  is the chair of the AAUP's Committee on Economic Status of the Profession.