2015 AAUP In the News

09.08.2014 | AAUP Insists on Shared Governance in Purdue Merger

"Unilateral administration decisions do not include faculty or student participation and do not serve the public interest. Shared governance is essential to a quality university," said David Nalbone, president of Purdue University Calumet's AAUP chapter.

09.05.2014 | Over Celebration, a Storm Looms

The AAUP faculty looks to keep most of the current contract in place. They see it as proven effective in running the university smoothly and attracting quality faculty.

09.02.2014 | National AAUP Adds Heft to Salaita Case vs. UIUC

In her column, Claire Potter recommends, "Read the full letter here. While you are at it, join the AAUP: all of us should be better educated about these issues. It’s one thing for non-academic commenters on this blog to disregard the importance of universities being accountable for their own procedures and legal responsibilities; it’s another thing entirely for academics to think that academic freedom only goes to people of whose speech we approve."

08.27.2014 | More Equality Measures Needed

This editorial points out that Aug. 26 has been designated by President Obama as Women’s Equality Day in honor of the date on which the 19th Amendment was certified. But according to an April report by the AAUP, women who are full professors at the UI make 85.3 percent of what men do in the same position.

08.25.2014 | Adjunct Professors Fight for Crumbs on Campus

"Hordes of adjuncts slog like migrant workers from campus to campus. Teaching four fall and four spring courses at $2,700 each generates an annual salary of $21,600, below the national poverty line for a family of four,"writes Colman McCarthy, an adjunct since the mid 1980s.

08.25.2014 | LI Colleges, Universities Boost Online Courses

The leadership of the AAUP supports the view that a blended approach to online education can be more beneficial where students can view some material online and then participate in the classroom, said Marty Kich, a member of the executive committee of the AAUP's Collective Bargaining Congress and president of the association's Wright State University chapter.

08.14.2014 | EMU Professors Concerned With School's Ties To Charters

The EMU-chapter of the AAUP has repeatedly called on Administration and the Board of Regents to sever ties with the Education Achievement Authority. Governor Rick Snyder's administration created the EAA to take over the lowest performing districts in Michigan, with a mandate to enact rapid academic improvement.

08.08.2014 | AAUP Says Israel Critic’s Case Will Hinge on Details of Job Revocation

"Whether the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign violated the academic-freedom rights of Steven G. Salaita, an Israel critic denied a job there, is likely to depend on whether campus administrators had previously made Mr. Salaita a formal job offer and whether his tweeted views on Israel were the reason they revoked it, two top officials of the AAUP said in a statement issued on Thursday."