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The Report of the Chair

Table 1 Percentage Increases in Average Monetary and Real Salaries for Institutions Reporting Comparable Data for Adjacent One-Year Periods, and Percentage Change in the Consumer Price Index, 1971-72 through 1999-2000

Table 2 Comparisons of the Salaries of Faculty with Those of Other Highly Educated Occupations 1997 and 1985

Table 3 Inequality in Faculty Salaries, by Selected Rank, Category, and Control

Table 4 Percentage Change in Mean and Median Salaries, by Rank and Category, 1991-92 to 1998-99

Table 5 Salary Premiums to Faculty at Doctoral-Level (Category I) Institutions by Rank, Selected Years, 1984-85 to 1999-2000 (Percentage)

Table 6 Salary Growth in "Top-Ranked" Institutions Compared with That at All Doctoral-Level (Category I) Institutions, 1989-90 to 1999-2000 (Percentage)

Table 7 Salary Premiums to Private Institutions, by Rank, Selected Years, 1984-85 to 1999-2000 (Percentage)

Table 8 Tenured Male and Female Faculty, by Rank and Public-Private Institutional Status