JAF Editor Opening

The AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom's search for a new editor closed on June 5, 2017.

About the AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom

The AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom is an online journal that seeks to develop international discussion of academic freedom and related issues. It focuses on scholarship on academic freedom and its relation to shared governance, tenure, the structure of the academy, and collective bargaining. The journal invites submissions on all aspects of academic freedom from philosophical reflections to social science studies on contemporary issues, and from studies of significant cases to institutional histories. Editors and board members are appointed on the basis of their expertise and commitment to academic freedom.

The Editor Position

Working with AAUP staff members, the editor is responsible for making sure that the journal publishes insightful and significant scholarship on a variety of academic freedom issues. Accordingly, the editor is responsible for the selection and substantive editing of the articles that will appear in the journal’s annual issue.

Working with board members, the editor should actively solicit manuscripts for the journal, communicate regularly with board members, conduct initial screening of all manuscripts and forward them to appropriate reviewers, work with authors to revise manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments and on her/his own recommendations, serve as primary liaison with authors, and promote the journal.

A specific and mutually agreeable annual schedule will be worked out by the editor and AAUP staff. While exact dates are negotiable, the editor should expect that the workload related to the journal is generally lighter during the fall semester, as s/he is soliciting articles and doing an initial review of early submissions, and heavier in spring, when more submissions will be received and all will need to be edited. Duties are very light over the summer, when the issue is in production, though correspondence and queries continue year round. The annual issue is published in late September, along with a call for papers for the next year’s volume.


The editor should be a faculty member or a higher education professional with editorial experience and a record of publication and activism around academic freedom issues. 


The editor will serve a renewable one-year term.


The editor is not an employee of the AAUP and receives an annual stipend of $2,500 per year to cover supplies and personal costs associated with journal activities.

How to Apply

Please submit a letter of interest—with a paragraph about topic suggestions for the 2018 call for papers—and a CV to Kelly Hand at jaf@aaup.org by June 5.