NC-AAUP Resolution on Academic Freedom in North Carolina

April 2, 2005

WHEREAS academic freedom is necessary to advance all areas of human knowledge; and

WHEREAS government control of university teaching and research is antithetical to the free exchange of ideas; and

WHEREAS numerous protections for the academic freedom of both students and faculty alike are already substantively built into the codes, missions, and visions of the University of North Carolina system;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The North Carolina Conference of the American Association of University Professors calls on state legislators to oppose Senate Bill 1139 because the Academic Bill of Rights proposes to remove academic expertise as the standard for decisions about teaching and research at universities. Only the scholarly expertise of the faculty should continue to determine the content of teaching and research. We urge all faculty and administrators at North Carolina colleges and universities to join us in our opposition to this political intrusion on academic freedom.