Federal Activities

On the federal level, the AAUP most often works within coalitions to leverage our resources and offer our expertise on issues of concern to higher education and faculty. Here are examples of letters we have signed on to:


Recommendations from AAUP, AFT and NEA for the Reauthorization Of the Higher Education Act (10.16.2015)


Letter to President Obama in support of gainful employment regulations (4.15.2013, amended 5.10.2013)

Letter to Appropriations committees supporting funding for labor, health, and education programs (4.16.2013)

Statement on the Defunding of Political Science Research at the National Science Foundation (4.4.2013) (Issued by AAUP alone)

Statement on the Affordable Care Act and Part-Time Faculty Positions (4.2.2013) (Issued by AAUP alone)

Letter to Senators opposing cuts to regulatory agencies through the budget process (3.21.2013)

Letter to House Intelligence Committee on restricting public access to information (3.11.2013)

Letter to Congressional leaders on protecting student aid (2.26.2013)

Letter to President Obama about the Freedom of Information Act (2.19.2013)

Letter to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (2.19.2013)


Letter to Vice President Biden (1.18.2012) (Sent by the AAUP alone)

Letter opposing the Research Works Act (2.9.2012)

Letter urging strong investment in labor, health and human services, education, and related agencies (3.16.2012)

Letter opposing the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) (4.16.2012)

Letter opposing a raise to Stafford Loan interest rates (5.7.2012)

Letter opposing various bills which weaken the Freedom of Information Act (5.14.2012)

Letter urging strong support for National Science Foundation funding (6.11.2012)

Letter supporting non-defense discretionary (NDD) spending and opposing sequestration cuts (7.12.2012)

Letter opposing anti-free-speech policies in the Intelligence Authorization Bill (7.30.2012)

Letter supporting the restoration of full whistleblower protections (8.17.2012)

Letter urging delay on the Intelligence Authorization Bill for Fiscal Year 2013 (11.26.2012)

Letter supporting whistleblower protections in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (12.14.2012)