Capitol Hill Day

On Capitol Hill Day, professors from across the country visit Congress to talk with their representatives and senators about academic freedom, funding, and other issues affecting higher education. The day is capped with a reception on Capitol Hill.

Position papers for Capitol Hill Day 2016

Joint AAUP-AFT-NEA Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (pdf)

Prior Learning Assessment and Competency-Based Education (pdf)
Higher Education and the Student Loan Industry (pdf)

Position Papers from Past Capitol Hill Days

(Note that the contact information on these past position papers may no longer be valid; current inquiries about the AAUP's government relations activities should be sent to


Access, Affordability, and Protections for College Students (pdf)


Access and Affordability for College Students (pdf)
Political Interference in Research (pdf)
Sensible Regulations that Protect Students and Taxpayers (pdf)


Access and Affordability for College Students (.pdf)
Political Interference in Research (.pdf)
Appointments to Agencies Protecting Worker Rights (.pdf)



Invest in Access, Research, and Teaching (.pdf)
Science, Academic Freedom, and Public Policy (.pdf)
Higher Education Regulation (.pdf)


Preserving Quality and Expanding Access (.pdf)
Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (.pdf)

The Henry T. Yost Award for Congressional Leadership in Higher Education

The Yost award is presented to a senator or representative who has demonstrated leadership on higher education issues. Nominations come from the membership of the AAUP and are reviewed by the Government Relations Committee. The award is not presented in every year. More information about the award, including a list of past recipients, is here.