Spellings Commission

The Commission on the Future of Higher Education was created in 2005 by Margaret Spellings, the secretary of education.

The nineteen-member commission held hearings around the country to identify ways to increase access to higher education and to explore how well institutions prepared their students for the workforce. The AAUP testified at hearings, spoke at meetings, and submitted written materials to the commission.

AAUP Policy Statements, Reports, & Analysis

Statement of the AAUP's Committee on Government Relations regarding the report A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of U. S. Higher Education.

AAUP Testimony & Letters to the Commission

Letter from AAUP general secretary. April 14, 2006. Roger Bowen to commission about issue paper on college costs.

Testimony of Professor Edward Marth. February 7, 2006. Boston commission meeting.

Other Background Materials

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Explaining the Accreditation Debate, Inside Higher Ed, 3/29/07

Who's Who at the Spellings Summit, Inside Higher Ed, 3/20/07

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For a complete list of meetings, issue papers, and other commission activities, visit the commission’s website.