Resources on ABOR

Academic Bill of Rights Legislation: Summary and Comments

AAUP Statement on the Academic Bill of Rights

AAUP Policies In the Classroom: Academic Freedom for Students and Faculty

Joint Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibility (.pdf)

Handout for Faculty: Academic Bill of Rights Coming to Your Campus Soon



Joe Yanik Statement before the Kansas House Committee on Appropriations


AAUP Leaders Testified Before First Public Hearings of the Pennsylvania House Select Committee on Student Academic Freedom

Dr. Joan Wallach Scott Statement

Dr. Robert Moore Statement

Dr. Lisa D. Brush Statement

David French Statement

Robert O'Neil Statement



Academic Senate of The California State University Academic Freedom and Free Speech Rights (Approved - May 6-7, 2004)

Academic Senate of The California State University Academic Freedom for Students - Approved January 20-21, 2005)

New York:

University Faculty Senate of the State University of New York Resolution on the Academic Bill of Rights

North Carolina:

NC-AAUP Conference Resolution on Academic Freedom in North Carolina

Resolution On Academic Freedom at Appalachian State University

North Carolina State Faculty Senate Resolution On Academic Freedom

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Resolution 2005-6 Endorsing A Resolution on Academic Freedom


Mark Smith's letter to faculty leaders in Ohio, congratulating them on the removal of SB 24 from the legislative agenda.

Inter-University Council/ Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (.pdf)

The University of Akron Faculty Senate Resolution In Opposition To Senate Bill 24

Ohio University Faculty Senate Resolution on Withdrawing Senate Bill 24, "Academic Bill of Rights"

Wright State University Faculty Senate Resolution on Academic Bill of Rights (.pdf) 

Youngstown State University Academic Senate Resolution In Opposition To Senate Bill 24


"I’ve Seen the Future." By Mark F. Smith, Academe (May-June 2006)

"Academia under seige." By Barbara Solow. Independent Online (March 31, 2004)

"Academic Freedom' Bills Could Stifle University Science Teaching."  By Janet Pelley. Environmental Science and Technology On-Line, July 1, 2005

"Academic Freedom, The Latest Challenge" (.pdf).  By Marcus Harvey, West Coast AAUP Representative

"Brainwashed!  A Look Inside the Vast Left-Wing Campus Conspiracy."  By John K. Wilson, editor of the Illinois state conference newsletter, Illinois Academe. A scathing review of Ben Shapiro's  Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (WND Books, 2004).

"Commercial pursuits a greater threat than 'left-wing' profs." By Rudy Fenwick and John Zipp. Dayton Daily News, February 11, 2005.

"Keep professors' freedoms intact," Buchtelite Reporter (February 10, 2005)

"Reluctant Foot Soldiers: America's Undergraduates Rebuff Opponents of Academic Freedom." By Daniel Denvir. Academe,  May-June 2003.

"What's Not to Like About the Academic Bill of Rights." By Graham Larkin of Stanford University, vice-president for private colleges and universities of the California AAUP Conference, September 2004.   A dialogue between the author of the Academic Bill of Rights, David Horowitz, and Graham Larkin ensued. "More Than a Stretch": David Horowitz's "Imagined Supporters Speak Out" and various articles from that exchange formerly appeared on the California Conference website.

"The Saga of HR 177: Pennsylvania’s Encounter with the 'Academic Bill of Rights'.” By James Bergquist, Co-chair, Academic Freedom Committee.

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