Coalition on the Academic Workforce

The Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW) was established in 1997 by a group of learned societies in the humanities and social sciences. About twenty-five organizations currently participate in the coalition, including the AAUP.

CAW's purposes are:

  • to collect and disseminate information on the use of part-time and contingent faculty members and its implications for students, parents, faculty members, and institutions;
  • to articulate and clarify differences in the extent and consequences of changes in the faculty within and among the various academic disciplines and fields of study;
  • to evaluate the consequences of these developments for achieving and maintaining quality higher education;
  • to evaluate both short-term and long-term consequences for society and the public good of changes in the academic workforce;
  • to identify and promote strategies for solving the problems created by inappropriate use of part-time, adjunct, and similar faculty appointments; and
  • to strengthen teaching and scholarship.

Links and Resources

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