• The new issue of Academe focuses on a profession that increasingly finds itself "in the crosshairs." Articles address recent and historical instances of targeted harassment of faculty, the obligations of tenure-track faculty toward colleagues on contingent appointments, and the suppression of a course scrutinizing collegiate athletics.

  • This issue of the Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors features academic freedom and tenure investigative reports, a report on the independence of student media, updated policy statements on collective bargaining and collegiality, annual reports, and other business documents.

  • Our 2016–17 Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, based on the largest independent faculty compensation survey in the United States, includes comparisons by rank and information on gender-based disparity, administrative pay, regional variation, and part-time faculty.

  • The AAUP works toward a reality in which institutions of higher education are conducted for the common good. We believe that faculty play an important role in a free society and that academic freedom requires and supports a democracy that thrives on dissent, critical inquiry, free speech, and free research. 

  • Through the One Faculty campaign, AAUP staff, leaders, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty can use on our campuses to gain concrete improvements in job security and working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.

AAUP in the News

Mon, 09/11/2017  |  Inside Higher Ed

Non-tenure-track faculty members contribute to their colleges and universities in many ways, and they should not be excluded from serving on faculty senates, say Neal Hutchens and Willis Jones. The AAUP and the AGB have both called for increased participation of non-tenure-track faculty in institutional governance, including those with part-time appointments.

Sun, 09/10/2017  |  Washington Post

Faculty members find their words and actions the subject of scrutiny and, increasingly, targeted harassment. “You have First Amendment rights in the state of Connecticut . . . but you also have, in academia, academic freedom,” said Johnny Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity.

Sun, 09/10/2017  |  Daily Targum

The best way for Rutgers to keep its qualified employees is to provide for them. This includes being more flexible with paid leave. The AAUP-AFT recognizes that there are many advantages to the policies already put in place, but has expressed the concerns that certain aspects can be improved greatly.

Fri, 09/08/2017  |  Elon News Network

National and local experts refute Elon University’s argument for secrecy, saying it should publicly announce the names of its presidential finalists.  The AAUP's Jim Bissett and Michael DeCesare weigh in.


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AAUP Updates

Yesterday the AAUP joined with the American Council on Education and other higher ed groups in an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court opposing Trump’s travel ban. The brief argues that people from the six countries identified in the ban should not be barred or deterred from entering the United States and contributing to our colleges and universities.

Today the Arizona Court of Appeals rejected attempts by a “free market” legal foundation to use public records requests to compel faculty members to release emails related to their climate research.

The AAUP signed on to a September 12 letter to congressional leaders urging them to pass legislation that would offer permanent protection to individuals currently participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Over seventy-five associations joined the community letter, initiated by the American Council on Education following the Trump administration's decision to rescind the policy that enabled nearly 800,000 individuals to receive temporary protection through the DACA program.


The Association’s Nominating Committee seeks nominations for candidates for election as officers of the AAUP, and as members of the AAUP’s governing Council, in spring 2018. Nominations are due by Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Did you know that AAUP has an online career center to help colleges and universities connect with qualified applicants? 

See position descriptions and learn how to apply.

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