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2011 AAUP Updates

03.28.2011 | "Obvious Assault on Academic Freedom"

Update 4/12/11: At their recent meeting, the American Conference for Irish Studies passed a resolution supporting "the American Association of University Professors's efforts on behalf of academic freedom, shared governance, and tenure in Higher Education, and it endorses Chancellor Martin's affirmation of the value of academic freedom in her April 1 letter to the campus community."

03.24.2011 | Review of Policies on Financial Exigency and Program Discontinuance

 Faced with a flood of program closings and terminations, the AAUP has established a subcommittee to review policies.

03.21.2011 | Groups Request Review of Visa Denial

3/24 Update: A U.S. Embassy today granted acclaimed Afghan human rights activist and former MP Malalai Joya, a visa, a little over a week after she was initially turned down

03.16.2011 | Decision Shows Why Arbitration is Important

AAUP chapter prevails on wages because arbitration process allowed the facts to come out.

02.23.2011 | Investigation at Idaho State

Update 3/5/11: An investigation has been authorized by the AAUP general secretary and will proceed.

02.18.2011 | Politically Controversial Academic Personnel Decisions

A new AAUP report issued for comment states that political or religious beliefs should not be grounds to hire, fire, or discipline faculty. 

02.16.2011 | Investigation at SUNY Albany

An AAUP committee will investigate the decision of administrators at SUNY Albany to discontinue four foreign-language degree programs plus the theater arts program in the College of Arts and Sciences at SUNY, Albany. 

02.14.2011 | Wisconsin Governor Is Not Telling the Truth

Statement from AAUP President Cary Nelson regarding Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker's attempts to "balance the budget."