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2010 AAUP Updates

08.26.2010 | A Day to Defend Public Education

 October 7, 2010, has been designated as a national day of action to defend public education and to protest its privatization.

08.09.2010 | Leaving the Job Undone

Update: H.R. 1586 was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. 

08.03.2010 | Scientific Data Must Be Released

The AAUP has joined the National Wildlife Federation and prominent scientists and researchers in an open letter to attorney general Eric Holder and BP CEO Robert Dudley asking for full public release of all scientific data related to the Gulf Coast oil disaster. (8/3)

07.27.2010 | U.S. Should Not Ban People on Ideological Grounds

7/27/10 Update: Commenting on the reversal, AAUP president Cary Nelson stated, " We hope that reversing such a foolish and undemocratic decision means that the whole ideological exclusion program will soon be abandoned."

06.25.2010 | Academic Freedom in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State Senate has unanimously passed a law requiring faculty members to choose "the least expensive, educationally sound textbooks." This vague and possibly unenforceable standard undermines the right of faculty members to select the best textbook. 

06.22.2010 | East-West University Should Choose a New Direction

A few days after adjunct faculty filed a petition with the NLRB, the university “non-renewed” all of its fifty-plus adjunct faculty members.

06.16.2010 | Academic Freedom Award

The AAUP has awarded its Alexander Meiklejohn Award for Academic Freedom to Patricia Ann McGuire, president of Trinity Washington University. 

06.16.2010 | Highlights from the 2010 AAUP Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education

See lots of Annual Conference photos on Flickr.