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Welcome Santa Fe Faculty!

Full time faculty at Santa Fe Community College voted overwhelmingly today to form a union under the AAUP umbrella. As a result, approximately fifty full time faculty at the college will now be represented by the Santa Fe Community College AAUP chapter.

The faculty won union representation by a vote margin of 93 percent to 7 percent.

“Today is huge for us,” said Marci Eannarino, one of the faculty members leading the unionization effort. “This vote is the outcome of a member-driven effort to further define our voice as faculty at the college. We have faith in the transformative power of educating students, and we believe in our right to ask that our hopes for our profession become actualized at the college’s decision-making table. Our singular voice is only as loud as our participation warrants, and today I think the faculty of Santa Fe Community College made the magic of participation very clear.”

The newly-formed union will now begin preparing for contract negotiations with the college administration. The collective bargaining agreement will establish clear policies for faculty employment, and it will create a fair set of standards that holds everyone to the same standards.

Key issues for faculty during the unionization campaign included equitable workload policies, a standardized process for evaluations and promotions, and policies for encouraging faculty retention and student success. Faculty are also looking forward to implementing a grievance policy to fairly and transparently resolve workplace issues when they arise.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 29, 2017