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A Warm Welcome to Southern Nevada Faculty!

Full-time faculty at the College of Southern Nevada voted overwhelmingly to form a collective bargaining chapter affiliated with the AAUP. The 523 faculty unit will be represented by the Nevada Faculty Alliance/AAUP. CSN is the third community college and the largest institution of higher education in Nevada where faculty have unionized. Faculty at many other Nevada institutions have formed nonunion advocacy chapters affiliated with the Nevada Faculty Alliance and AAUP.

CSN faculty salaries were reduced 2.5 percent in concert with the governor's furlough plan from 2011-2015 and have remained stagnant. 

The election took place during March and early April and votes were counted on Friday. Nevada state law requires a majority of faculty (not just the majority of voting faculty) to support collective bargaining, a high hurdle.

The Nevada System of Higher Education does not allow for collective bargaining for faculty members on part-time appointments, but CSN faculty hope that next year’s legislative session will bring a change in state code, allowing the institution’s nine hundred part-time faculty members to join their full-time colleagues.

Publication Date: 
Monday, April 18, 2016