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Victory at Rutgers

Update: Rutgers president Robert Barchi said in September that the administration would reconsider its finding that Livingston's socia media posts violated university policy and would convene an advisory group of First Amendment and academic freedom scholars and attorneys. In November, Rutgers’s Office of Employment Equity informed Livingston that he had not violated the university's policy on discrimination and harassment.

Original post: The AAUP sent an advisory letter to our Rutgers University AAUP/AFT chapter regarding the case of professor James Livingston. Remarks about gentrification and race made by Livingston on Facebook were the subject of a review by the university's Office of Employment Equity, which found that the posts were not protected by the First Amendment and furthermore violated the university’s policy on discrimination and harassment. While it is our understanding that the administration has yet to take disciplinary action against Professor Livingston on the basis of these findings, in our view, doing so would likely violate Rutgers University’s academic freedom policy and might violate the chapter's collective bargaining agreement as well.

Read the complete advisory letter.

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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2018