Staff Negotiations Update

The AAUP has been in negotiations and meeting regularly with our staff union for over two years. At this time, when our profession is under unprecedented attack, our priorities are to protect and defend the profession and to serve the members of the AAUP, who pay the dues to run this organization, while offering the staff a fair contract. At this point, our offer is a salary increase over three years of 18 percent and a rich benefits package. The AAUP proposed, in late August, that the parties participate in mediation to resolve the few remaining issues. The union did not respond to our proposal to participate in mediation. In early October, the AAUP sent a request to FMCS which finally prompted the union to respond. Mediation has been scheduled to begin on November 3. All members of the elected governing body and all members of management’s bargaining team are volunteers. We find the decisions to pit members against volunteer leaders and to go on “rolling strikes” after agreeing to participate in mediation inexplicable.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2023