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New Union Cards Filed in Illinois

After administrators at the University of Illinois at Chicago challenged a single union for tenure-track and contingent faculty and refused to voluntarily recognize two separate unions, faculty today filed a new set of a membership cards with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board for two separate bargaining units. Below is the message sent to faculty by the local organizing committee (affiliated with the AAUP and AFT).


UIC United Faculty Organizing Update -- We're here, we've filed, we'll bargain


This morning, in response to the recent Illinois Appellate Court decision, we have filed a new set of a membership cards at the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board. This time an even greater number of faculty signed cards compared to last year -- among both tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty. We are heartened by the rising tide of support for the faculty union. The filing affirms the union, composed of two coordinated bargaining units--one for tenure-track faculty and one for non-tenure track faculty.

The administration has repeatedly said that it is not against a faculty union but only opposed to a single bargaining unit. We thus look forward to start bargaining with them as soon as possible. Working together, our bargaining team will deal with issues relating to each unit. While there are differences between tenure-track and non tenure-track faculty, there is much more that we have in common. We will not let the administration divide us.

Our extensive faculty survey revealed that our top bargaining priorities should be: SALARY AND BENEFITS; MULTI-YEAR CONTRACTS for non-tenure track faculty; and PROTECTION AND EXPANSION of full time tenure track jobs. The full results of the survey will be released in the coming days on our website, where you will also be able to voice your concerns and contact the elected representative from your College or School.

UIC United Faculty

Publication Date: 
Thursday, April 19, 2012