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New AAUP Advocacy Chapter at Seton Hall University

We’re pleased to announce that faculty on the South Orange campus of Seton Hall University have recently formed an AAUP advocacy chapter.

The chapter will focus on increasing faculty recruitment, creating a faculty survey to better understand and respond to the concerns of current faculty members, and developing a more open dialogue between faculty.

Elected officials of the Seton Hall AAUP chapter are vice president Mary Balkun, chair and professor of English; president Roseanne Mirabella, chair and professor of the department of political science and public affairs; and secretary and treasurer Michael Taylor, associate professor of political science.

“The AAUP is the only national organization for university faculty cutting across disciplinary boundaries to advance values for the profession,” president Mirabella said. “Faculty on the South Orange campus will now have access to the resources and expertise of the national network of academics.”

Publication Date: 
Thursday, October 23, 2014