2016 Media Releases

04.20.2016 | Faculty Votes for Union at Plymouth State University

In an election held this week, a majority of the one hundred seventy-four tenured and tenure-track faculty members at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire voted to form a union for collective bargaining with the AAUP.

04.18.2016 | Faculty Votes for Union at College of Southern Nevada

A majority of the 523 full-time faculty at the College of Southern Nevada voted to form a union with the American Association of University Professors. CSN is the largest institution of higher education in Nevada and the third community college in the state with unionized faculty.

04.11.2016 | AAUP Releases Faculty Compensation Report

The AAUP's annual Faculty Compensation Survey is the largest, most current, independent faculty compensation survey in the United States. This year's report, Higher Education at a Crossroads, explores the economic value of tenure and looks at how the increasing reliance on faculty in part-time positions has destabilized the faculty by creating an exploitative, two-tiered system that erodes student retention and graduation rates.

03.24.2016 | New Title IX Report Shines Light on Present Uses

The AAUP released a draft report, The History, Uses and Abuses of Title IX, evaluating the history and current uses of Title IX. The report identifies tensions between current interpretations of Title IX and the academic freedom essential for campus life to thrive. The AAUP invites comment from its membership, the higher education community, and the public on this report.

02.29.2016 | AAUP Files Amicus Brief in Columbia University NLRB Case

The AAUP filed an amicus brief arguing that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) should overturn its 2004 Brown University decision, because graduate assistants are employees who should have collective bargaining rights and collective bargaining rights, in fact, promote academic freedom.

01.11.2016 | AAUP Responds to Friedrichs Oral Arguments

The Friedrichs case is an attack on workers’ rights to bargain collectively, an attack on workplace democracy, and an attack on the middle class. It is also a call to organize; attempts to divide us will not work.