2013 Media Releases

12.17.2013 | Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance Violations at Northeastern Illinois University

This report deals with the Chicago university's denying tenure to a candidate who had opposed administrators.

12.04.2013 | Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications

This new report updates and expands upon the Association’s 2004 report on the same topic, while affirming the earlier report’s basic principles. The report is issued for comment and may be modified in light of comments received by a January 10 deadline.

10.18.2013 | Campus Equity Week 2013

Campus Equity Week 2013 will be held from Oct. 28-Nov. 2, and will feature more than 125 events to raise awareness about the nation’s increasingly stratified higher education system.

10.09.2013 | Universities Undermine Supreme Court Ruling

The AAUP is launching an educational campaign to inform faculty about their rights and to encourage faculty senates and contract negotiating teams to secure the rights the Supreme Court has confirmed.

10.09.2013 | U Oregon Chapter Announces Agreement

After 10 months of negotiations, United Academics, the union representing over 1,800 faculty and other academic employees at the University of Oregon, has reached a tentative agreement on a first contract with the UO administration.

09.19.2013 | Leaders Praise University of Oregon Agreement

Following more than 10 months of negotiations with the university, union members have ratified a two-year contract.

08.09.2013 | AAUP Names Julie Schmid as Executive Director

The AAUP is pleased to announce that Julie Schmid will join the Association as its executive director in October. The executive director, formerly called the general secretary, heads the national office staff.

06.15.2013 | AAUP Presents Award for Excellence in Coverage of Higher Education

This year’s shared award represents an acknowledgment that these two series represent the best kind of tough-minded, public-good journalism,  an achievement that is especially notable given the limited resources of newspapers today.