David Shiman and Mary King Sternberg Award Recipients

David Shiman and Mary King are this year’s recipients of the Marilyn Sternberg Award. The award is given to the AAUP member who “best demonstrates concern for human rights, courage, persistence, political foresight, imagination, and collective bargaining skills.”

David Shiman is a longtime activist and president (2004-2013) of United Academics (UA), UVM’s faculty union.  He was instrumental in the UVM (University of Vermont) faculty’s long drive for unionization, which was finally successful in 2003. He led the union as President from 2004-13, bargaining for improved faculty benefits, security, and a stronger voice in UVM’s governance.

Mary King served on the Executive Committee of the PSU-AAUP (Portland State University) on numerous occasions, including recent terms as both PSU-AAUP president and vice-president for collective bargaining. This spring, for the first time in its 35-year history, the PSU-AAUP chapter voted to strike. Instead, on the scheduled strike date, chapter members found themselves celebrating a 97 percent ratification vote for a new contract.

Professor Paul Davis, chair of the Sternberg Award Committee, was pleased to commend both of the award recipients for their altruistic service.

“After acting as one of the leaders in the successful organizing drive in 2003, David [Shiman] served as the President of United Academics-University of Vermont for nearly ten years. During that time he not only helped to significantly increase UA’s membership base, but also served multiple times as chief negotiator and a member of the bargaining team—dedicated work that he continues to do today.

“Mary King's work to establish faculty networks and challenge misinformation has been pivotal to the movement of information and ideas between the membership and union officials. While Mary has strengthened the membership of her chapter, she has also built alliances between faculty, students, and the local community in their demands for student-centered education.”

The Marilyn Sternberg Award is presented at the AAUP-CBC Annual Meeting in June.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 13, 2014