Contract Settlements for AAUP Chapters

AAUP collective bargaining chapters at the University of Cincinnati, Portland State University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago have reached agreements with their administrations in recent weeks, in each case following prolonged negotiations. At the University of Cincinnati, chapter members overwhelmingly ratified the contract, with 94 percent approving a new three-year agreement that is the culmination of a nearly a year of negotiations. The Portland State chapter reached a contract settlement in April after voting overwhelmingly in March to authorize a strike. As the strike approached, the bargaining teams entered into a twenty-four-hour marathon session of mediation that ended with an agreement. And at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the United Faculty (AAUP/AFT) successfully negotiated a tentative agreement for tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty after two years of negotiations, a two-day work stoppage, and the threat of an open-ended strike.

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University of Cincinnati AAUP chapter:
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Publication Date: 
Thursday, April 17, 2014