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Chapter's Creative Campaign

The AAUP's Bowling Green University chapter filed a petition for a union election in February, after months of grassroots organizing involving dozens of BGSU faculty and supported by other AAUP chapters in Ohio as well as the AAUP national staff.

The chapter's work has been creative and exemplary throughout the campaign, and has included scores of office visits to colleagues, forums on collective bargaining, regular newsletters, and e-mails to faculty about important campus issues. In November and January, the officers and organizing committee coordinated a pair of intense, two-week office-visit campaigns dubbed “Cardapalooza” and “Cardapalooza Two-za.”

Now facing the probability of a summer mail election, the chapter continues its work to motivate faculty and counter myths spread by the administration. See four new ads created by the chapter for use in the student newspaper and as fliers: First two ads. Second two ads. (4/29)

Publication Date: 
Thursday, April 29, 2010