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Brief Supports Diversity in Admissions

An October 30 amicus brief filed by the American Council on Education, along with the AAUP and 36 other educational associations, in the US Supreme Court case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin supports the consideration of race as a factor in admissions. The case arose when Abigail Fisher, a white student denied admission to UT Austin, challenged the process the university uses to fill spots remaining after complying with the state's Top 10 Percent Law. That law, adopted in 1996, guarantees admission to any Texas state university to students from the top ten percent of each high school's graduating class. The case argues that the consideration of race in UT Austin's holistic admissions process for reviewing applicants not eligible for placement under the Top 10 Percent Law violated Fisher's Fourteenth Amendment rights to equal protection. Consistent with the AAUP's long history of leadership in affirmative action debates, the brief states that the US Supreme Court has permitted educational institutions to take race into account in the admissions process and should continue to do so.

A detailed summary of the brief and the history of the case is available here.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2015