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Anti-Boycott Bill Threatens Academic Freedom

The AAUP has released a statement opposing New York's proposed Assembly Bill A.8392. The bill would prohibit New York colleges and universities from using state aid to fund academic groups or associations that have passed resolutions promoting boycotts against countries where the New York Board of Regents charters institutions. These countries include Israel, Lebanon, the Czech Republic, and Hungary; the bill would make it harder to pay membership dues to or travel to meetings of the American Studies Association, for example, which recently passed a resolution endorsing a boycott of Israel.

While the AAUP opposes all academic boycotts, the statement explains that the restrictions threatened by Assembly Bill A.8392 could impose even greater restrictions on academic freedom than the ASA boycott it is responding to.

Read the AAUP's full statement here.

Publication Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014