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Amicus Brief Defends Teacher Protections

The AAUP joined in an amicus brief in the California Court of Appeal contesting a ruling by a California state court judge that found that California statutes providing tenure protections to K–12 teachers violated the equal protection provisions of the California constitution. The case arose from a challenge, funded by anti-union organizations, to five California statutes that provide primary and secondary school teachers a two-year probationary period, stipulate procedural protections for non-probationary teachers facing termination, and emphasize teacher seniority in reductions of force. The trial court judge held that the statutes unconstitutionally impact students’ constitutional right to equality of education and disproportionately burden poor and minority students. The amicus brief contesting this decision argued that the challenged statutes help protect teachers from retaliation, help keep good teachers in the classroom by promoting teacher longevity and discouraging teacher turnover, and allow teachers to act in students’ interests in presenting curricular material and advocating for students within the school system.

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Publication Date: 
Thursday, September 17, 2015