2016 AAUP In the News

02.21.2016 | Big money: CSU Leadership Raises Outpace Whole

The Coloradoan reports that salaries of administrators closest to the CSU President increased by an about 3.38 percent in 2015, significantly more than the average raise received by the rest of the university’s staff. This follows a trend of colleges and universities granting significantly higher raises to top administrators than to professors and other university staff. AAUP's Senior Higher Education Researcher John Barnshaw said, “Over the past five years, it’s become increasingly common."

02.19.2016 | UConn Professors, Adjunct Faculty Call for Unity at AAUP Panel Thursday

Rebecca Rumbo, an English professor teaching at UConn since 1997 but still considered a temporary employee, said at the panel,“Despite two-thirds of the classes being taught by adjuncts, they have no share in governance, this affects quality." With concerns over the current administration, the panel repeatedly stressed unity between all types of faculty as well as with the student population.

02.18.2016 | The New College Activists: Local Professors Join Forces

A new AAUP alliance of faculty from six northeast Pennsylvania institutions are uniting to take on the corporatization of higher education and overuse of adjunct staff. A conference for the caucus of the Pennsylvania Division of the AAUP on February 27 will focus on “best practices” for colleges and universities. Focusing on collaborative relationship between faculty and administrators, Mark Painter, President of Misericordia's AAUP chapter, said, "We feel we are all in this together.”

02.14.2016 | Supreme Court's Scalia Brought Conservative Outlook to Education Cases

One case related to education and public employee unions could have a very different outcome as a result of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death. His death makes the likelihood of a deadlock in the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association more likely, though it remains uncertain.

02.12.2016 | As Mount St. Mary’s Offers to Reinstate 2 Professors, Faculty Demands President Quit

Two faculty members fired for disloyalty were reinstated at Mount St. Mary's University. The faculty voted overwhelmingly to ask the university’s president to resign while philosophy professor Thane Naberhaus said he would not immediately accept the college’s reinstatement proposal.

02.10.2016 | Newspaper Adviser Is Fired After Students’ Scoop Roils Maryland Campus

On Monday, the president of Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland fired two faculty members without notice or faculty review.

02.03.2016 | Faculty Groups Remain Worried As Wisconsin Moves Closer To 'Fake Tenure'

Scott Walker moved to eliminate tenure from state law. Many remain concerned about the future of tenure in Wisconsin.

02.02.2016 | University Professors' Organization Calls for Melissa Click's Reinstatement

Hans-Joerg Tiede, associate secretary of the AAUP, sent a letter to University of Missouri Interim Chancellor Hank Foley Tuesday calling for Melissa Click to be reinstated to her normal faculty duties. By not affording Click a hearing prior to suspending her, it appears that she has been denied academic due process under widely accepted AAUP standards and principles.