2016 AAUP In the News

03.02.2015 | Academic Freedom: Scholarly Concept Sparks Lively Mainstream Debate

"The AAUP, commonly regarded as the definer and keeper of academic freedom, is involved in multiple cases." Anita Levy discusses some of these.

02.27.2015 | The Crisis is Real

"Most importantly, faculty must view their struggle to save American higher education as part of a broader movement to fight the neoliberal agenda, building alliances with others who support social justice, and winning the support of students, parents, political leaders and others in their communities by explaining the importance of higher education as a public good," warns Rudy Fichtenbaum, AAUP president

02.26.2015 | Day of Protest

Many campuses with AAUP-affiliated unions and advocacy chapters held awareness events highlighting AAUP’s One Faculty campaign in support of all faculty.

02.25.2015 | National Group Joins Chorus Opposed to Closing UNC’s Poverty Center

"'When something awful happens, we don’t wait for an invitation,' Kurland said of the group. 'We’re like a first responder or a fire department.'”


02.25.2015 | N.J. Professors Plan Protests, Teach-Ins for 'National Adjunct Walkout Day'

Faculty across the country are participating in teach-ins, rallies, and other events to highlight "National Adjunct Walkout Day." Learn what they're doing in New Jersey and beyond.

02.24.2015 | Doing Much of the Teaching but Struggling Financially, Adjunct Faculty Joins Unions

AAUP members discuss life as a contingent faculty member with the Mara Rose Williams of the Kansas City Star.

02.23.2015 | AAUP Demands Voice in UNC Governance

In this letter to the editor, the UNC AAUP chapter asks, "By leaving faculty out of this important decision, the board leaves us questioning whether it is acting in the University’s best interest. How will the board restore our trust in it?"

02.20.2015 | Faculty SOS

Henry Reichman, professor emeritus of history at California State University at East Bay and chair, Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure at the American Association of University Professors -- which is singled out in the report as one of the groups that can help drive change -- said that tenure can’t be underestimated in any such discussions.