2017 AAUP In the News

06.23.2015 | AAUP Defends Academic Freedom

In his letter to the editor, Harry Hilton, president of the UIUC AAUP chapter, explains, "In the same manner as unpopular ideas and utterance are protected by the U.S. Constitution to be freely disseminated, academic freedom guarantees that scholars are free from institutional prohibitions to speak and write to be ultimately judged by their profession at large and at their university."

06.23.2015 | Adjuncts Deserve Job Security

Citing AAUP figures, the News-Observer opines, "It’s a matter of priorities. The quality of a student’s education would likely be greatly enhanced if they were receiving it from instructors who were well-compensated and who possess some measure of job security. Students won’t go out into the world any more wise or capable by having had easier access to pumpkin spice lattes."

06.18.2015 | Scott Walker’s Latest Target: College Professors

"Much of it is about academic freedom and professors’ ability 'to speak on matters of public concern,' said Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP. Members of his organization recently passed a resolution saying it shared 'grave concerns' being voiced 'throughout the world of higher learning' about the actions in Wisconsin.'"

06.16.2015 | 2015 Media Coverage of the Censure Votes

The stories covering the censure vote are too numerous for a complete listing.This is a partial sampling of the international coverage.

06.10.2015 | Flawed Evaluations

“I’m a department chair myself, and it matters to me to get some feedback from students about how their experience in the classroom was,” said Craig Vasey, who heads both the AAUP committee that conducted the study and the department of classics, philosophy and religion at the University of Mary Washington.

06.08.2015 | Faculty Uneasy About Working at UW After Cuts

“To say they’re trying to improve higher education while dramatically reducing its funding is like telling me you’re trying to improve your car by downsizing to a beater,” said Henry Reichman, chairman of the AAUP's Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. “It might run, but don’t tell me it’s the same as a new Lexus.” 

06.04.2015 | Wisconsin’s Fight Over Faculty Rights: What’s at Stake, and What’s Next

The AAUP urged system officials on Wednesday to fight the legislation and keep current state law intact. The group's letter to them called the proposed changes in faculty-employment rights, along with a proposed $250-million reduction in the system’s state appropriation, "a direct attack on higher education as a public good."

06.04.2015 | National Focus on UW System Sharpening Over Tenure, Governance

"I'm not aware of any state that has gone this far. ...I can't imagine anybody taking a job there unless they can't get a job anywhere else. People who can leave, would leave," AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum told the Journal Sentinel.