2016 AAUP In the News

03.12.2015 | Colorado Community Colleges Rely on Poverty-Level Instructor Workforce

“Stop building all those buildings,” AAUP member Caprice Lawless said, on her way home from the food bank. She wants to see greater investment in instruction. “Let’s put the foundations under the schools where the foundations belong, which is in the teaching.” Also watch the video.

03.09.2015 | Adjunct Advocacy

"At colleges where part-time instructors have unionized, they have been reaping significant bread-and-butter gains through collective bargaining. Such is the case at the University of Oregon, where adjuncts are part of a broader faculty union affiliated with the AAUP and the AFT."

03.09.2015 | Build Ohio’s Future in the Classroom, Not with Tax Cuts

“It’s time to fund Ohio’s higher education system properly, with substantial new investment,” Ohio AAUP Conference president John McNay, told the editor of the Toledo Blade, “and to refocus the money that is being spent to the central educational mission.”

03.06.2015 | I Was a Professor at Four Universities. I Still Couldn’t Make Ends Meet

One former adjunct describes a system that's untenable in the Washington Post.

03.03.2015 | Matching More With Less

“They want universities to do all this research because they believe it helps drive economic development, but on the other hand, they think faculty should spend 100 percent of their time teaching students,” said Fichtenbaum. “You can’t have it both ways, especially at a major research institution where research is probably as much a part of the mission as teaching students.”

03.03.2015 | 'De-Tenure' Do-Over

Hank Reichman, AAUP first vice president and chair of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure,  calls this troubling because it at least appears that it will be led by the administration and is motivated by saving costs.

03.03.2015 | Response to Harker OpEd by University of Delaware Chapter of the AAUP

Following the publication of President Harker’s OpEd in the Philadelphia Inquirer, faculty members across campus were justifiably offended by its characterization of higher education in general, and, specifically, the faculty, students, and of the University of Delaware.

03.02.2015 | Academic Freedom: Scholarly Concept Sparks Lively Mainstream Debate

"The AAUP, commonly regarded as the definer and keeper of academic freedom, is involved in multiple cases." Anita Levy discusses some of these.