2017 AAUP In the News

09.17.2015 | Valuing the Faculty

Who needs the faculty? A new working paper by the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, a coalition of faculty unions and other academic associations, asks that question and answers resoundingly that face time with faculty members is key to student success. Unfortunately, it says, colleges and universities continue to divert funds away from instruction in an attempt to cut costs -- a strategy that actually hurts them in the long run.

09.16.2015 | Some Faculty Want More Say in UI Background-Check Policy

"The resolution asks the board to delay the implementation of the policy, saying it doesn't meet AAUP standards and is not mentioned in all active job postings. Many of the postings were made before the policy was approved, meaning applicants who have already applied may not be aware of it."

09.15.2015 | Why Trigger Warnings Are Really So Controversial, Explained

"There are probably more articles on the internet arguing about trigger warnings on college syllabuses than there are actual trigger warnings on college syllabuses." This article gives an overview and links to the AAUP's statement On Trigger Warnings.

09.15.2015 | ISU, UNI Faculty Groups Back UI 'No Confidence' Votes

"The statements — which were issued by the chapters of the AAUP at both universities — criticized the process by which the regents came unanimously to approve the hire of former IBM executive Bruce Harreld as UI's 21st president."

09.10.2015 | The University of Dallas' Hard Glass Ceiling

Reporter Eric Nicholson writes, "Even if the school does follow through, it will take a while to rebuild trust with those who feel like they've gotten a raw deal. That process wasn't helped by the school's sudden failure, right after the commission finished analyzing university-provided salary data, to report salary data to the AAUP, as basically every respectable college and university does.

09.08.2015 | Rocky Start for UI President

The trend toward appointing people with primarily corporate backgrounds to head universities is disturbing. The AAUP, whose UI chapter conducted the online survey about finalists, fears if universities are run like corporations, their mission of educating students in ways that move society forward could get lost.

09.02.2015 | Fired for Being Profane

Kevin L. Cope, a professor of English and president of the senate, said he thought the AAUP report “pretty much captures faculty concerns,” and that the report pins down “the faculty feeling that procedures were somehow interrupted in this case and that the story culminates a long history of faculty-adverse behavior” at Louisiana State.

09.02.2015 | Don't Believe Everything You Learn

This story advises readers to not accept "facts" at face value, but to do some research. One example used, "When former Chancellor Wise emails you that the university administration is dedicated to academic freedom, look up a recent report by the AAUP."