2016 AAUP In the News

03.31.2015 | Criticism Unwelcome

“If someone with my kind of profile and especially my official position within an AAUP chapter can be treated this way, what is the value of the protections that are promised for less high-profile faculty in Abu Dhabi?” asks NYU AAUP chapter president Andrew Ross.

03.27.2015 | Guilt by Association

The AAUP says that it’s a matter of academic freedom that professors retain the right to partner with whomever they choose for research -- as long as they freely and clearly disclose the relationship. Robert O’Neil, former AAUP General Counsel , said the same logic should govern institutional relationships and sponsorships.

03.27.2015 | AFT Adds its Voice for Evolution

"Invoking the expertise of the AAUP and NCSE, the statement concludes by affirming that 'the AFT encourages and expects science teachers, in presenting evolution and other topics, to understand, respect[,] and communicate the consensus of the scientific community, in order to present the science curriculum effectively to their students."

03.24.2015 | Who Owns the Research: Ohio State or Faculty?

The AAUP's president Rudy Fichtenbaum and past president Cary Nelson discuss Ohio State's new proposed intellectual property policy. Still in early draft stage, many faculty fear that it would give the school a claim to profits from books, articles, software and other works they create.

03.19.2015 | Reining in High Cost of College Should be Priority

A report by the AAUP found pay for bureaucrats surpassing salaries for teachers, especially adjuncts and part-timers. Between 1978 and 2014, the number of administrative jobs rose 369 percent while the number of part-time faculty increased 286 percent. Full-time tenured or tenure-track academic positions increased only 23 percent.

03.17.2015 | NYU Professor Is Barred From the United Arab Emirates

Andrew Ross, a sociologist who serves as president of  the NYU AAUP chapter, has been an open critic of the use of underpaid and poorly treated migrant laborers in the United Arab Emirates. Marjorie Heins, member of the AAUP's Committee A, commented about Ross's barring, “The lack of respect for freedom of speech permeates the entire enterprise.”

03.17.2015 | Saving Academic Freedom and Tenure

"Faculty responded collectively, forming the AAUP, demanding and winning rights to academic freedom and tenure.  We face a similar moment today — when global corporations exercise even greater power and where university corporatization threatens academic freedom and tenure.  Through collective action, including unionization, faculty can join together to fight for and regain their rights."

03.13.2015 | Corporatisation ‘Threatens Academic Freedom’– AAUP

Higher education’s "romance with entrepreneurialism" puts the principle of academic freedom at risk at universities around the world, Risa Lieberwitz, general counsel for the AAUP, warned comparative education researchers.