2016 AAUP In the News

04.22.2015 | SU Rightly Reinstates Salary Data Report

In addition to addressing concerns of transparency, the information also has a lot of power; this information provides a comprehensive source that students, faculty and third parties can look to when comparing SU to other academic institutions. This data could be useful for students to better understand university finances.

04.20.2015 | Ohio College Faculty Oppose Measure Budget Bill Would Exempt Some from Bargaining

"Certainly we know that what faculty do through shared governance does not amount to real decision-making authority," AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum said. "In light of what's been happening in Wisconsin, where there have been calls for the outright abolition of tenure and shared governance, it's pretty clear what these legislators are after. This amounts to a declaration of war on the faculty."

04.17.2015 | House Budget Targets Unions, State Professors

AAUP leaders in Ohio talk with the Toledo Blade about the potential impact of an Ohio House Republicans’ version of a state budget bill that could bar many public university professors from collective bargaining

04.17.2015 | CSU Shared Governance Process Misaligned

"Fortunately, for a century now, American educators have benefited from the work of the AAUP, a national Best Practice Organization for tertiary education in America and leader in advancing values that make America's universities top rank of universities worldwide," writes Stephen Mumme, co-president of the AAUP Colorado Conference.

04.17.2015 | The New Thought Police

This essay by Joan Scott is adapted from a talk delivered in March at the AAUP’s centennial conference, held at California State University, East Bay.

04.16.2015 | Fight for 15K

“The shift we’ve seen in higher education over the last 20 to 30 years has really culminated in this huge shift in who makes up the faculty in higher education” -- something that’s not known to many people otherwise following the fair wage movement, AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum said.

04.15.2015 | Adjunct Professors are Officially the New Working Poor

"The suffering wages of adjunct professors also came to the forefront when the American Association of University Professors reported that adjuncts are paid, on average, $2,700 per three-credit course, which typically comes to $16,200 per year."

04.14.2015 | Faculty Pay and Higher Education

In his op-ed, the AAUP's John Barnshaw writes, "Over the past five years, many faculty have gone above and beyond the call of duty, whether by teaching additional courses, putting more of a focus on retention and achievement, or just mentoring. It is time that we as a society recognize these efforts by calling on state legislatures to restore total state appropriations to prerecession levels."