2017 AAUP In the News

09.07.2016 | Guest View: New U of I President Doesn't Get It

University of Iowa professor and AAUP member Loren Glass sheds light on the work of AAUP and the significance of censure or sanction.

09.06.2016 | Profs Seek Audit of Community Colleges, Citing Low Pay, Soaring Revenue

A letter from Caprice Lawless, AAUP vice president and part-time instructor at Front Range Community College, to the Colorado General Assembly's Legislative Audit Committee seeking an audit of the college system is part of an ongoing campaign to bring attention to pay inequities faced by adjunct faculty.

08.31.2016 | US Board Gives Student Assistants Unionization Rights

The NLRB ruled last week that students at private universities and colleges, working as teaching or research assistants, are employees with the right to join unions. Monday, graduate students from ten Yale University departments filed a petition to the NLRB requesting certification of a local union to represent them. "Graduate employees deserve a seat at the table and a voice in higher education. Collective bargaining can provide that," said Howard Bunsis, AAUP-CBC.

08.31.2016 | University of Iowa Struggles with Retaining Faculty

The UI administration aims to keep faculty salaries competitive, while the effects of the AAUP sanction of UI could make it more difficult to recruit new faculty. Professor Katherine Tachau, president of the UI AAUP chapter, said the last two years have seen an increased number of faculty leaving the institution.

08.31.2016 | Faculty Union Reaches Five-Year Contract Deal with University

Hofstra’s AAUP faculty union reached a tentative contract agreement with the university, just hours before the previous agreement expired and the chapter was set to demonstrate in response. Chapter president Dennis Mazzocco said, “All of Hofstra’s faculty is fortunate that their university respects collective bargaining rights," adding, "The university is in really good shape. This sets the stage to retain and recruit faculty.”

08.30.2016 | Yale Graduate Students File Petition to Form Union

After last week's NLRB ruling giving students at private universities the right to organize, Yale graduate students filed a petition Monday to form a union.“This is an extremely important ruling for graduate students at Yale where GESO has been working for many, many years for official recognition as a union,” said Irene Mulvey, treasurer of the Connecticut Conference of the AAUP.

08.25.2016 | Is CSU's Tony Frank Worth $700K?

Colorado State University president and chancellor Tony Frank's salary was padded by a $100,000 bonus earlier this month, though his compensation still trails the head football and basketball coaches. Tim McGettigan, AAUP member and sociology professor, previously took up the topic of administrative bloat at CSU here

08.24.2016 | NLRB: Graduate Students at Private Universities May Unionize

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that graduate research and teaching assistants are entitled to collective bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act.