2014 AAUP In the News

10.13.2014 | A New Metric

“My view on all of this is that it is an exercise not worth undertaking,” said Howard Bunsis, chair the AAUP-CBC. He said the numbers would be used to not hire full-time faculty, hire more part-time faculty and increase class sizes. In an email, Bunsis called the work a way to go about “gutting the heart of our universities.”

10.13.2014 | How UNL’s Sexual Assault Policies Stack up to National Guidelines

In 2012, the AAUP published 12 guidelines for sexual assault policies and procedures. They mostly focus on disseminating information to not only the entire student body, but to everyone who’s associated with the university and spends large amounts of time on campus. The Daily Nebraskan examined each guideline and compared it to UNL policies and procedures.

10.09.2014 | Right to Work Goes Against Democracy

Greg Loving, president of the AAUP University of Cincinnati chapter, explains that people should just no because Right to Work is the Right to Ignore Democracy.

10.07.2014 | Rider University, Faculty Union Reach Tentative Contract Agreement, Avoid Strike

The university expects to vote on the three-year deal by the end of the month, said Kristine Brown, Rider spokeswoman. The union, which represents 621 full- and part-time faculty members, will vote on ratification early next week, said Jeff Halpern, chief negotiator for the Rider AAUP.

10.07.2014 | USM plan: Fewer Faculty Members, Teaching More Courses

"The AAUP recommends faculty teach nine hours a week in the classroom for undergraduates, the equivalent of three classes a semester. It recommends six hours, or two classes, for graduate courses."

10.06.2014 | College Football Coaches' Salaries and Perks are Soaring

"If your mission is to educate students, why are you spending so much money to hire coaches?" said Saranna Thornton, an economics professor at Hampden-Sydney College (Va.) who co-authored the AAUP's April report on the state of professor salaries. "People talk about the rising costs of higher education. But if money is so tight, then why is it being spent on hiring coaches?"

10.02.2014 | Think Tenure Protects You? With Wealthy Donors and Less Public Funding, Think Again

To academics, Salaita’s dismissal two weeks before starting the job is a strike against academic freedom. At least 16 academic departments have voted no confidence in the chancellor, and the American Association of University Professors and the Modern Language Association have taken stands against the university.

09.30.2014 | Bloat driving up UC, Miami costs

Op-ed by John T. McNay, a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College and president of the AAUP's Ohio conference: "A strong faculty is the backbone of any university. But consider the fact that at universities statewide, much of the undergraduate teaching is done by adjuncts who outnumber full-time tenure-track faculty."