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2024 Dues Rates

Regular dues rates are based on your academic income.

Band 1 ($30,000 or less): $75 Annually or $6.25 Monthly
Band 2 ($30,001-$40,000): $97 Annually or $8.08 Monthly
Band 3 ($40,001-$50,000): $125 Annually or $10.42 Monthly
Band 4 ($50,001-$60,000): $153 Annually or $12.75 Monthly
Band 5 ($60,001-$70,00): $210 Annually or $17.50 Monthly
Band 6 ($70,001-$80,000): $245 Annually or $20.42 Monthly
Band 7 ($80,001-$100,000): $275 Annually or $22.92 Monthly
Band 8 ($100,001-$120,000): $302 Annually or $25.17 Monthly
Band 9 (More than $120,000): $331 Annually or $27.58 Monthly

Show Your Support with a Lifetime Membership! 

Age 60-64: lifetime dues $1,800
Age 65-69: lifetime dues $1,200
Age 70 and older: lifetime dues $800

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More Ways to Join

  • Renew your membership. (If your membership has already expired, please follow the steps to Join.)
  • Join by mailClick to download a physical membership form. Print, fill out, and mail to the national office.
  • St. John's chapter members onlyannual dues can be found here.


The Fine Print 

The AAUP is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers/AFL-CIO. As a member of the AAUP you are also a member of the American Federation of Teachers.

These rates apply to non-collective bargaining members. If you teach at an institution where the AAUP has a collective bargaining agreement, please contact your local chapter to join. If you teach in Nevada, please contact the Nevada Faculty Alliance. Nonfaculty are welcome to support the AAUP's work by joining as associate members. 

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting the AAUP Membership Department at [email protected]