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Sanctuary Campus Movement

The sanctuary campus movement calls on campuses to provide a safe space for and adopt policies to protect students and other members of the campus community who are undocumented immigrants. In November 2017 the AAUP issued a statement supporting the sanctuary campus movement (read the full statement, The Atmosphere on Campus in the Wake of the Election, here).


Materials from a January 19 day of action aimed at creating more sanctuary campuses and elevating the issue in the national higher ed discourse. Includes signs, sample emails, and an action planning guide. (pdf)

FAQs on sanctuary campuses by the Immigration Response Initiative, a student-led organization at Harvard Law School. (pdf)

Rutgers Model Letter for Sanctuary Campus Status

Network of Concerned Academics guidebook to supporting undocumented students 

The Anti-Authoritarian Code of Conduct (Inside HigherEd)

Faculty Speech after the 2016 Election (includes FAQs about sanctuary campuses)

AAUP Chapter and Affiliate Statements on Sanctuary Campuses:

Whitman AAUP 

University of Washington AAUP

Rutgers AAUP/AFT Petition | Sanctuary Provisions Put in Place at Rutgers

Ohio University AAUP Statement

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee AAUP Resolution

Washington State AAUP Press Release

CUNY Professional Staff Congress Statement

Emory University AAUP Endorsement

Cornell Petition and Faculty Senate resolution with the Cornell President's response.

Does your AAUP chapter have a statement that's not listed above? Let us know