Resources on Graduate Students

AAUP Policy Statements

 Statement on Graduate Students . 1999. (Adopted 2000.)

Regulation 14, "Graduate Student Academic Staff," in the AAUP's Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

Legal Round-Up: What’s New and Noteworthy for Higher Education? By AAUP Counsel. These yearly legal roundups summarize and highlight significant court decisions and legal developments on this topic.

AAUP Actions & Initiatives

Support for #WeAreWorkers Day of Action. 2015. The AAUP Committee on Graduate and Professional Students issued a statement in support of an October 15, 2015 graduate employee solidarity day of action held at universities throughout the country.

AAUP Amicus Briefs Supporting Graduate Students Right to Unionize. 2014, 2012, 2002. The AAUP has filed amicus briefs with the National Labor Relations Board arguing that graduate assistants at private sector institutions should be considered employees with collective bargaining rights in cases involving Northwestern University, New York University, Columbia University, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

On December 12, 2005, the director of government relations for the national AAUP and the NYU AAUP chapter leadership wrote to New York Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (.pdf) and Charles E. Schumer (.pdf) to ask for their support for the NYU Graduate Students.

Resolution on Graduate Student Employee Bargaining. 2004. Reaffirms the AAUP’s support for the right of graduate student employees to choose representation by a collective bargaining agent.

Other Resources

Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions Wiki

"Stakes Are High in Graduate Assistant Organizing, Stakeholders on Both Sides Say." An article in the Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, February 23, 2016, featuring an interview with AAUP general counsel Risa Lieberwitz.

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