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Evaluation of Shared Governance


The following list of questions is designed to allow for the immediate evaluation of the state of shared government at institutions of higher education. An institution can use these questions to prepare assessment reports for external reviews as well as to evaluate and enhance the institutional system of shared governance.

The questions are largely drawn from a short monograph by Keetjie Ramo entitled Assessing the Facultyʹs Role in Shared Governance: Implications of AAUP Standards (1998). Each question can be answered with a ʺyesʺ or ʺno.ʺ When areas for concern are identified by a preponderance of ʺnoʺ answers, the section on “College and University Government” (pp. 133-167) in the AAUP’s Policy and Document Reports should be consulted extensively as a means of improving the practice of shared governance.

Print or download the survey (pdf) to get started.