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Educational Gag Orders: Legislative Interference in Teaching About Race

The AAUP has developed resources to address a widespread attempt to suppress teaching about race in American history. In response to the shutdown of a commission created by President Trump to support “patriotic” education, a wave of states introduced broadly similar legislation that would restrict K-12 teachers and college faculty across disciplines from talking about “divisive topics” and teaching about the role of racism in US history and society. These educational gag order bills have the potential to chill the free exchange of ideas at universities and colleges and to violate core AAUP principles.

Information on Educational Gag Orders

Fighting Educational Gag Orders in Your State

Faculty Senate Resolutions Defending Academic Freedom

The African American Policy Forum has organized an initiative for faculty senates to pass resolutions defending academic freedom to teach about race, gender, and critical race theory.

AAUP Statements on the Teaching of History

As the situation has evolved, we have issued several statements about political attacks on teaching about race. 

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Legislative Wins