Resources on Diversity and Affirmative Action

Policy, Research, & Analysis

On Discrimination. 1995 revision. 

Affirmative Action Plans: Recommended Procedures for Increasing the Number of Minority Persons and Women on College and University Faculties. 1983.

Does Diversity Make a Difference. (.pdf)  2000. The American Association of University Professors and The Council on Education. Three Research Studies on Diversity in College Classrooms.

Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work. 2001.

Legal Round-Up: What’s New and Noteworthy for Higher Education? By AAUP Counsel. These yearly legal roundups summarize and highlight significant court decisions and legal developments on this topic.

AAUP Amicus Briefs. Summaries of, and links to, AAUP Amicus Briefs filed in cases involving Diversity and Affirmative Action.

Issues in Employment of Faculty Members with Mental Disabilities –Background Materials (.pdf). By Rachel Levinson Waldman, AAUP senior counsel.  Presentation to the 30th Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education.

How to Diversify the Faculty  Ann Springer, Counsel (American Association of University Professors) and Charlotte Westerhaus, (Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, National College Athletic Association.

Affirmative Action in Higher Education. By Ann Springer, AAUP Associate Counsel. An update on Affirmative Action in Higher Education: A Current Legal Overview.

Legal Primer For New and Not-so-New Administrators. By Donna R. Euben, AAUP Counsel.Presentation to the 15th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference.


AAUP Actions & Initiatives

AAUP Annual Meeting Actions

Resolution on Affirmative Action. June 1997. Passed at Eighty-Third AAUP Annual Meeting. 

Other AAUP Resources

How to Recruit and Promote Minority Faculty: Start by Playing Fair. By Jonathan R. Alger, Past AAUP Counsel.

Building Better Scholarly Environments: One Faculty Member's Perspective on the The Value of Diversity. By Roxanne Gudeman.

Organizing Women Faculty. By Martha S. West.

Educational Benefits of Diversity. A list of cites to some of the numerous studies and reports examining and supporting the benefits of racial diversity.

Affirmative Action Is Not Discrimination. By Ann D. Springer and Benjamin Baez. The Chronicle of Higher Education Counterpoint

Diversity bibliography. Compiled and maintained by the Committee on Historically Black Institutions and Scholars of Color.

Read about the AAUP and Minority Serving Institutions.