Resources on Discrimination

AAUP Policy Statements & Analysis

On Discrimination. 1995 revision.

Legal Round-Up: What’s New and Noteworthy for Higher Education? By AAUP Counsel. These yearly legal roundups summarize and highlight significant court decisions and legal developments on this topic.

AAUP Amicus Briefs. Summaries of, and links to, AAUP Amicus Briefs filed in cases involving Discrimination.

Legal Round-Up: What’s New and Noteworthy for Higher Education? 2010. By Rachel Levinson, Senior Counsel and Kathi Westcott, Associate Counsel. Presentation for July 2010 AAUP Summer Institute.

Issues in Employment of Faculty Members with Mental Disabilities –Background Materials (.pdf). February 2009.  By Rachel Levinson Waldman, AAUP senior counsel.  Presentation to the 30th Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education.

Tenure As Remedy For Discrimination. 2003. By Donna Euben, AAUP Counsel. An Informational outline.

Other AAUP Resources

Faculty Salary and Faculty Distribution Fact Sheet.  2003-04
By John W. Curtis, AAUP Director of Research

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