Campus Equity Week

During Campus Equity Week, groups plan local actions to draw attention to working conditions of faculty--the vast majority of whom are now in insecure part- and full-time non-tenure track jobs. Campus Equity Week (known as Fair Employment Week in some states and in Canada) is supported by a large coalition of faculty activists and organizations of all sizes. Actions can be as small or large as your capacity--from posting fliers or writing letters to organizing a symposium or demonstration. Faculty design activities that best suit their local conditions, so goals and activities vary. Events are designed to put contingent faculty in touch with one another, support statewide legislation, inform campus communities about the exploitation of contingent faculty, or achieve specific change on campus. 

Campus Equity Week Resources

The documents below are designed for you to download and adapt to your situation, adding local content and deleting parts that do not apply. You can use them during Campus Equity Week or any time they may be useful.

Other Organizations' CEW Websites

Past Campus Equity Week Events

The University of Mary Washington AAUP chapter
The chapter watched and discussed the film For Profit, a filmed version of a one-act play which discusses the impact of for-profit education on American students, faculty, and staff. (2013)

University of Vermont United Academics
The chapter watched and discussed the film For Profit.

Rutgers AAUP/AFT chapter
On October 30, the chapter hosted a celebration of contingent faculty featuring Pulitzer-Prize-finalist Mark Di Ionno of the Newark Star Ledger

Fairfield University AAUP chapter
The chapter hosted a discussion of a report from the Part-Time Faculty Task Force and planned next steps for contingent faculty.

Graduate Assistants United (University of Rhode Island)
On a specific day, members wore Campus Equity Week and union t-shirts to help start conversations about contingent faculty issues.

Central Connecticut State University
Faculty used photos to demonstrate the similarities and differences between tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty. They also wore and handed out CEW lanyards and buttons, and gave out copies of a CFHE report, Who is Professor "Staff"?

Eastern Connecticut State University
Members showed a PowerPoint presentation titled “Recognition: ECSU AAUP Honors Part-Time Faculty” recognizing the campuses part-time faculty. They also wore and handed out CEW lanyards and buttons, and gave out copies of a CFHE report, Who is Professor "Staff"?

Southern Connecticut State University-AAUP
The chapter hosted screenings of Barbara Wolf’s documentary film Degrees of Shame and wore and handed out CEW lanyards and buttons, and gave out copies of a CFHE report, Who is Professor "Staff"?

Western Connecticut State University
Members had a number of posters displayed on campus highlighting contingent issues, screened Degrees of Shame, and screened L. D. Janakos’s documentary Teachers on Wheels. They also wore and handed out CEW lanyards and buttons, and gave out copies of a CFHE report, Who is Professor "Staff"?

University of Oregon United Academics
On November 1, the chapter held a special training and info session on the aspects of the new collective bargaining agreement that affect contingent faculty. The session helped contingent faculty understand their new rights under the contract, the highlights of which you can read here.

Bowling Green State University Faculty Association
The BGSU Faculty Association drew attention to issues facing contingent faculty on Thursday, October 31. In keeping with a Halloween theme, the chapter handed out informational "treats" and flyers to students, faculty, and staff, and they bobbed for apples while explaining the different benefits accorded to contingent faculty. 

Oakland University AAUP
Members of the Oakland University AAUP chapter posted flyers around campus letting people know about CEW and the rise of contingent faculty. They also took out an ad in the student newspaper with the same message.

AAUP Committee on Contingency and the Profession
Committee chair Mayra Besosa co-presented a live webinar on "Contingent Appointments and Faculty Governance."

The committee arranged for a series of posts on the Academe Blog during Campus Equity Week 2013:

  1. Campus Equity Week, Contingent Faculty’s First Try at a National Strategic Action (By Joe Berry)
  2. Campus Equity Week: Building Platforms for Change (By Mayra Besosa)
  3. Free Public Higher Education, Quality Instruction, and Job Security for all Faculty Members (By Robert Samuels)
  4. Building a Movement of Faculty and Students (By Maxwell John Love)
  5. The Journey Of A Movement – A Brief History Of COCAL (By Mary Ellen Goodwin)
  6. COCAL XI: The Way Forward (By Marcia Newfield)
  7. The Fight to Get your Education Loans Forgiven is On! (By David Kociemba)
  8. North of the Border: Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association (CUPFA) Campus Equity Week (By Maria Peluso)

University of West Florida Department of English
The department hosted four screenings of two films, a Simple Matter of Justice and Degrees of Shame. Screenings were followed by discussions and, in some cases, presentations by guest speakers.  

Rochester Institute of Technology AAUP Chapter
The chapter contacted all RIT adjuncts to invite them to a get-together; partially subsidized first-year dues for adjuncts who are not yet AAUP members and expressed interest in joining; and encouraged and supported the formation of an adjunct coalition within the chapter. The chapter also proposed that adjuncts ask for a representative seat on the Institute Academic Senate.

Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters
Campus Equity Week activities centered around a petition drive that went on all semester. The petition linked the conditions of contingent faculty with access to quality undergraduate education. The council developed a list of home addresses so it can broaden its outreach on these issues to include parents. It focused on first and second year students being taught by contingent faculty. It sent the petition to members of the state PTA, the state student council (high school student leaders), and members of the legislature. See the draft petition.

AAUP Maryland Conference
The conference's fall meeting, titled "Realities on American Campuses" included a discussion of contingent faculty issues and a showing and discussion of the documentary Degrees of Shame.

Central Connecticut State University AAUP Chapter
The chapter hosted a Campus Equity Week forum, "Equity Through Unity." The keynote speaker and workshop facilitator was Rich Moser, senior staff representative at the Rutgers Council of the AAUP Chapters and former national AAUP staff member.

The chapter hosted Joe Berry, author of the contingent faculty organizing guide Reclaiming the Ivory Tower. Berry discussed his book, changes in higher education, and the purpose of Campus Equity Week and its meaning to the university as a whole.

SUNY Cortland Chapter
The chapter hosted a forum, under the banner “I Teach New York,” to discuss SUNY’s reliance on part-time faculty. The forum included a panel of community leaders who heard testimony from Cortland faculty and students. 

Western Michigan University AAUP Chapter 
The chapter distributed “Equity for Contingent Faculty” buttons to members and ghost pins for part-time faculty to wear during Campus Equity Week. It hosted four showings of Simple Matter of Justice and Degrees of Shame during the week, each of which was followed up by a discussion session primarily focusing on issues faced by and contractual concerns of contingent faculty. The chapter also worked on a letter writing campaign.

Colorado State University-Pueblo AAUP Chapter
The chapter conducted a survey of department chairs and adjunct faculty about the state of adjunct faculty on  campus. How many are there? How many courses do they teach? How do they survive on those terrible wages?  The chapter scheduled a meeting with the provost during Campus Equity Week to talk about the situation and present him with the data.

Saint Joseph's University AAUP Chapter
The chapter conducted an extensive survey of contingent faculty, kicking off during Campus Equity Week. The data will inform the chapter's advocacy for contingent faculty. The chapter asked the campus chapter of Students for Workers' Rights to take on the issue of faculty equity as an item for investigation and advocacy; SWR planned to issue a statement on the topic. In addition, the chapter was in touch with a reporter on the student paper about doing some work on contingent faculty for the issue of the paper that came out during equity week.

University of Hartford AAUP Chapter
The chapter, in collaboration with the Campus Progressive Alliance, sponsored an open forum at which adjunct faculty were invited to share their concerns—compliments, complaints, or anything in between. The goal was to give all faculty a better understanding of the conditions and aspirations of contingent faculty at the university.

Fairfield University
Results of a survey of part-time faculty were presented to the campus community during Campus Equity Week. The survey, which covers both demographic information (who are the part-time faculty at Fairfield?) and questions relating to professional needs and the functions that a coordinator of part-time faculty concerns might serve was sent over the summer to approximately 280 part-time faculty members; 170 completed and returned the survey. The survey is part of a project led by faculty member Ruth Anne Baumgartner to research ways to improve the professional lives of part-time faculty at the university.